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Refuge Studios is a full service production company that services the television, commercial and motion picture industries from concept to completion. Refuge turns ideas into reality. We utilize the latest workflows and cloud computing technology which enables us to streamline our creative ideas into incredible content economically and efficiently.

We turn ideas into reality, from conception to completion. Our team is a mix of producers, director, artists, engineers storytellers and perfectionists. We utilize the latest tools and workflows to achieve our highest goals. We work as smart as we do hard, and deliver incredible work every day.

Our Services


Come shoot in Oregon. From the Pearl district to Mt Hood and the Oregon Coast, we have it all. We have a team of producers and directors standing by.


From 2D cell animation to 3D computer animation, we use the latest tools to bring animated ideas to life.


We are full service production company. From storyboards to final online and color correction.

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