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Grimm 413 – Phoenix

The Refuge team worked together with Incendii Visual Effects to create a slew of fire effects for season 4 episode 13 using Fume FX and 3ds max. (Some of the simulations took over 16 hours to complete) The character model was sculpted by Bayard Baudoin, shaders and look development by Nathan Reidt.

The fire simulations were a mixture of Fume FX from Afterworks and real flame footage. We roto animated an on set actor for much of the show, and then simulated fire coming off his body. Some practical fire was used where the set needed to be on fire. One of the more tricky parts was color correcting the fire which went way above visable values of 1.0. The Phoenix was attacked with super soakers in the show, and to do this, we used Particle Flow along with Frost from Thinkbox to simulate the streams of fluids that eventually “put the fire out”. The final explosion was simulated by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss at Incendii and rendered and composited at Refuge by our team.




February 10, 2015 8:04 am


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