Medieval Monsters

Honor, Bravery, and a little dumb luck.


Format 13 x 22
Genre Family Fantasy/Adventure


Executive Producer Fred Ruff
Executive Producer Jose Behar
Written and Created By Fred Ruff
Toor Dragerhorn Austin Hillebrecht
Malek Feldar Denis Fitzpatrick


Medieval Monsters is a half-hour comedy about an intrepid trio of “monster hunters” who travel the mystical land of Rodinia. It’s countryside is filled with all manner of strange beasts – from the six legged Basilisk, to the giant sloth like Rangutan; from Goliath Gnolls to the elusive and majestic White Drager. Each episode finds Toor Dragerhorn investigating and documenting these amazing CGI creatures in a fantasy setting that parodies Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings.

Medieval Monsters combines a mockumentary style sense of humor with the epic fantasy adventures. Think The Office meets Game of Thrones, with more monsters. Using the familiar structure of a procedural, episodes typically start with a dramatic creature moment in the cold open and end in the resolution of the situation. Charming characters and state-of-the-art CGI visual effects keep families coming back episode after episode to see where the journey takes our team of monster hunters.

It’s Game of Thrones and The Crocodile Hunter with The Office’s awkward sense of humor.


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