“I’m not a god. I’m just your average cock.” – August Sinclair MD.

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Format 13 x 22
Genre Adult Animated


Executive Producer Fred Ruff
Executive Producer Jose Behar
Created By Mike Wellins


Mercy General is, quite simply, the worst. The staff are more concerned with their egos and sexual conquests than medical ethics. Patients die at an alarming rate and the facilities are located in the most crime-riddled part of town. Even the vending machines have crappy snacks.

Dr. August Sinclair has had a chip on his shoulder since he graduated 7th in his class. He thinks hes the hottest smarted doctor around, but the lack of recognition has made him bitter, jaded and there is not much left of the passionate doctor who once held so much promise. As his life unravels, he has to deal with administrative changes in the hospital, young talented doctors nipping at his heels, and his bitch of an ex-wife. (Literally. He was married to a Yorkshire Terrier.)

He’s become a complete asshole to everyone around him and if he can’t get his shit together, he’ll lose his job, his girlfriend and most of all, his self-respect..

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