Stella's Baby-Sitting Service


Format 52×11
Genre Kids Animated


Created By
Fred Ruff
Jose Behar

Original Story By
Mike Wellins

United Talent Agency
Jon Levy
Sid Kaufman


Stella Louise Sedgwick is a 13 year-old paranormal investigator and journalist who takes her duties seriously. Stella’s one desire is to search the dark recesses of reality and beyond. This young girl has seen all manner of weirdness, horror and unexplained phenomena. Does this faze her? Is she rattled? Hardly. She knows that the truth is bigger and more important than any human fear. Stella is determined to get out there and expose it all. But for now she’s stuck in Trickle Falls, relegated to the meager responsibilities of her baby-sitting gigs.

Potato is Stella’s next-door neighbor and her main baby-sitting client. He’s a dorky kid; a little thick, a little goofy, easily startled and an expert in getting into trouble. Stella’s detective kit is enhanced by her use of modern technology, such as her trusty smart phone. She systemically uses science, testing and observation to draw her conclusions but she also knows that science wants no part of the dark forces at work. Stella is also challenged by her dyslexia. But it turns out that it allows her to think differently about her problems and sometimes, when your brain is “wired differently” it allows you to solve problems in non-conventional ways. She’s not about to be embarrassed by it, but she also doesn’t exactly like to talk about it, either, she is a teenage girl, after all.


Stellas Baby-Sitting Service - Bible Stellas Baby-Sitting Service - Bible Stellas PItch Book

Stella’s Baby-Sitting Service 4:30 Proof of Concept -Password Required-

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