Exoplanet 452

Life isn’t precious. It’s hungry

X-452-Pitch Book Download


Format 10 x 42
Genre Science Fiction


Executive Producer Jose Behar
Executive Producer Fred Ruff
Created By Fred Ruff


A team of astronauts and scientists have finally arrived in orbit around the exo-planet X-452 after a long interstellar journey. Its mission: spend one year on the surface, studying and collecting data, to determine if X-452 can support life for human colonization. However, the surface landings didn’t exactly go as planned. The habitat landing was successful, but unfortunately the team’s commander was knocked unconscious. What’s more, the shuttle and its crew hit a flying biological creature, which resulted in a crash landing thousands of miles from the habitat. What the crew did not expect is that the planet not only supports life, but it’s teeming with it. Some of it large and all of it hungry. X-452 contains thousands of different complex ecosystems. The crew is constantly running and hiding from these beasts, attempting to understand and outwit the creatures that stand between them and their long term post miles away.

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